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 How to get hardware key on command line
saplicense -get saplicense: HARDWARE KEY = [number]
 How to run sapinst on different port
When you have (or planning to have) more than one SAP instance on the same server, it may happen that you will need to run SAPinst at the same time as somebody else. If you attempt to run it on default port it will not start, the solution is to ...

 Unlock shadow instance
To login to the shadow instance with a user account other than SAP* or DDIC you need to unlock it: 1. Log on as user adm 2. Enter the following command (this assumes you use /usr/sap/put as your upgrade directory): cd /usr/sap/put/bin ./R3up unlockshd or ./SAPup unlockshd If shadow instance isn't running you can ...

 Remove old archive logs
grep '.arc' brarchive.log | grep ARCHIVE | grep -v '.dbf' | grep -v '.cds' | \ awk '{printf("rm %s\n", $2)}' > rm_old_logs.ksh
 brbackup example
This command will perform full database backup. Run it as ora user. brbackup -u / -t online -c force -m all -p initSID.sap

 How to check IGS patch level
Change directory to bin for the current SAP instance i.e. cd /usr/sap/SID/DVEBMGS52/igs/bin and run: ./igsmux_mt -version

 brrestore examples
Running brrestore without any options will restore all datafiles from the latest database backup. To restore control files: brrestore -m 0 To restore all datafiles from the last backup (not including controlfiles and redo logs): brrestore -b last -m all

 How to install SAP license key
To install a SAP license key use the utility saplicense i.e. saplicense -install It will prompt you for SAP SYSTEM ID, hardware key etc. Enter all the information it's asking and hit enter. You should see this: saplicense: License successfully installed You can also check what licenses were installed by running saplicense -show

 Resize or add datafiles using brspace
This is a quick reference for SAP brspace utility. To add a new file to tablespace (to keep the same size as the previous file and keep the same location) run: brspace -c force -f tsextend -t [tablespace name] The file properties such as size, autoextend, filesystem will default to the file that ...


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